LEA Billing Option Program

While other firms are pulling back, Practi-Cal is investing in the future of school-based claiming.

Please allow us this opportunity to share with you the exciting things we have done and are still doing at Practi-Cal.   At Practi-Cal, we have focused on what is important to California schools and it shows in our service and technology.  We built our web-based system “SpEdCare” to be a student-centric documentation system, so that practitioners can focus on outcomes and using SpEdCare becomes an extension of this process.  We believe with the support of our experienced staff, SpEdCare will exceed your LEA’s needs for ease of use, security, and compliance.  Your coordinators and practitioners will appreciate the attention to detail we have placed in developing our resources.

Recent years has seen wholesale changes in both the School-Based MAA program (SMAA) and LEA Billing Option Program (LEA BOP) and Your LEA will benefit from Practi-Cal’s experience, technology and support structure to assist in managing successful school-based billing programs.  With the passage of SPA 15-021 in 2020, were changes to policies, procedures, and reporting.  Practi-Cal has led the way developing easy and compliant methods for onboarding our clients to these new billing opportunities.

LEA Coordinators appreciate our ongoing support and visual dashboards to keep them ahead of the game.  Every week Practi-Cal offers live support and training webinars for coordinators and practitioners.  We also strive to facilitate monthly virtual Program Check-up meetings with each program coordinator.  Each year, we bring everyone together for our annual virtual conference.

Practi-Cal does not play in grey areas when it comes to compliance and your reimbursement, which is why we invite LEC’s, LGA’s and DHCS to many of our live webinars and conferences.  This way you know that our guidance is in line with program requirements.

At Practi-Cal, we believe that our ability to develop products and services that are important to California LEA’s, is why we have excellent customer retention and why we still have clients that have been with is us since 1997.  It is our depth of knowledge, our position as a trusted partner in our clients’ successes, that has and will continue to set us apart from other firms.

Finally, CDE has shared they are implementing new documentation requirements for special education services beginning in 2022-2023.  These new requirements are not a part of school-based Medi-Cal.  Practi-Cal is monitoring the progress of these new requirements and can say that our documentation system already exceeds the requirements for this new policy and will provide a single point of documentation.

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Parent Authorizations

Ditch the paper medical and medication forms and quickly send parents a request that they can easily and securely signed electronically.

Easily manage pending requests and send reminders in just seconds.

Once a parent e-signs, they will download the PDF file, get signed by physician and can easily upload the completed authorization from their phone, directly to the order in SpEdCare.

ORP Authorizations

Quickly send any ORP (Ordering, Referring and Prescribing) professional an authorization request, for them to sign electronically.  The ORP will be presented with all necessary information and student files, to make an appropriate medical determination.

Easily manage pending requests and send reminders in just seconds.

Be notified if a request has been denied and easily review the ORP response, make corrections (if requested) and send again.


  • Once a request is sent, all claims are held, until authorization is received
  • HIPAA release is included in parent request
  • All electronic signatures meet federal and state guidelines
  • ORP professionals, per requirements have access to required information, necessary to make a medical determination.

“Our school district has been with Practi-Cal for the LEA and MAA Program for several years. Practi-Cal is dedicated as a partner in our success in these programs and is always available for meetings, trainings, reports and strategic ideas to improve health services for our children. Practi-Cal is accountable and we can always depend on them to ensure compliance while maximizing our revenue in these programs. We are very happy with their services, software and leadership. ”

– Assistant Superintendent, East Whittier City SD

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Route Management

SpEdCare allows districts to setup and manage authorized transportation services, ensuring compliant, yet maximized reimbursement.

Mileage Calculation

Choose origin and destination and SpEdCare will calculate the direct route miles, to ensure maximum program compliance.

Drag & Drop

It has never been easier to manage students and routes.  SpEdCare allows the user to add or move students to assigned routes easily by dragging and dropping the student name.


SpEdCare’s proprietary algorithms , know when it is authorized to release transportation claims for reimbursement.  SpEdCare also allows for district to release held transportation claims, when services were provided by a third party.

Announcements & Help Library

Practi-Cal has just released a newly enhanced library to communicate; new features, program changes, help topics and important reminders.

Record Transportation Services

SpEdCare’s bulk entry, allows users to quickly and easily enter transportation services.

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Financial Reports

Coordinators can easily run “Date of Service” and “Check Date” reports with a variety of filters to quickly dive into the information that matters.

Claims View Reports

Coordinators can quickly review the status of claims that have been submitted.

Task Management Dashboard

Practi-Cal provides coordinators and designated staff with access to our Task Management portal.  This management resource allows coordinators & Practi-Cal to:

  • Manage and receive reminders on upcoming tasks
  • Upload, store and retrieve program documents (CRCS, PPA, DUA, etc)
  • Send, receive and store messages with Practi-Cal or internal staff.
  • Receive weekly updates of changes and upcoming tasks.
  • Annual Compliance Certification checklist

Announcements & Help Library

Practi-Cal has just released a newly enhanced library to communicate; new features, program changes, help topics and important reminders.

Submission Reports

Reports to show the number of monthly submissions by each active practitioner.

Potential Lost Reimburmsent Reporting

Practi-Cal provides the most complete solution to assist coordinators focus on what is important.  Our Potential Lost Reimbursement reports highlight services that have been recorded, but held for a variety of reasons.  Our system also provides instructions on how to fix the issue, in order to have the records released for potential reimbursement.

Here are the areas that are tracked in this report:

  • Missing authorized orders
  • ORP (i.e. physician) is not valid
  • Transportation is missing service
  • Missing Supervision
  • Missing RMTS participation
  • Missing Assessments
  • Missing Parent/Medi-Cal Consent
  • Missing Nursing Supervision
  • Aide journal is not finished

Do you wish you could hold a virtual video IEP meeting AND get the IEP signed during the meeting?  HYQueue can do just that.

SpEdCare has combined a secure video conferencing room designed for practitioners, with the ability to document proof-of-service all on the same screen. Once your session is finished, you can save the record to SpEdCare for potential billing.

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Server Security

There are many firms in California offering LEA Billing services and software, but only a few of these firms have an “A” rating in server security.   We strive to lead the way with security, because our number one goal is to protect your LEA’s confidential user and patient information.  Additionally, our security rates higher than the leading special education management system in California.   Want to know where your current vendor falls?  Contact us and we will provide you with a link to verify.

Electronic Signatures

Our goal has always been to protect the user, the patient,  and the district.  This is why SpEdCare’s electronic signature exceeds the state requirements.

AB-1584 Vetted and Compliant - Do you know your liability?

LEA’s are now required to vet any third-party software provider who houses student information.  CSBA’s Practi-Cal meets all California requirements.

Pract-Cal (A Rating - California-Based)
Firm 1 (A Rating - National Company)
Firm 2 (B Rating - California-based)
Firm 3 (C Rating - California-Based)
Firm 5 (F Rating - National Company)
Firm 6 (No Security - California-Based)

Seeing is Believing

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We hope you found the information above helpful.  We invite you to learn more about our services and software.  Click this button to request a detailed proposal for our services & software.

Us the form to the left to calculate program reimbursement for medically necessary 1:1 services provided by a trained health care aide.  Reimbursement will be greater if service is provided by an LVN or RN.

Us the form to the left to calculate program reimbursement for medically necessary 1:1 services provided by a trained health care aide.  Reimbursement will be greater if service is provided by an LVN or RN.