When it comes to school-based Medicaid programs, CSBA’s Practi-Cal has focused on what is important to California schools and it shows in our service and technology.  We built our web-based system “SpEdCare”, to be student-centric, so that practitioners can focus on outcomes and using SpEdCare becomes an extension of this process.  We believe SpEdCare and the support of our experienced staff will exceed your LEA’S need for ease of use, security and compliance.

Your LEA Billing and EHR software should be easy and compliant.  That is what we built in SpEdCare.  No other web-based system offers more for your LEA Billing Option Program.

Electronically Manage & Record

  • Prescriptions / Orders

  • ORP and Parent Authorization

  • Care Plans

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Caseloads & Groups

  • Medi-Cal & OHC Consent

  • Non-IEP Services

  • Supervision

  • Transportation

SpEdCare is AB-1584 compliant and has an “A” Server Rating,  which ensures your student’s data is secure.

Service & Support

CSBA’s Practi-Cal provides various service and pricing models to ensure you only pay for what you need.  We find that many clients lower their program costs and receive more service and features…Who wouldn’t want more for less?

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