Unlock Seamless Telehealth Delivery with Practi-Cal





Discover the seamless solution for delivering HIPAA-compliant telehealth services with Practi-Cal. In an ever-evolving landscape where practitioners navigate the complexities of providing services, choosing the right telehealth platform is crucial. Privacy, security, and comprehensive documentation are paramount, and Practi-Cal offers a tailored approach to meet these needs.


  • Effortlessly schedule individual or group telehealth sessions
  • Automated invites streamline the process for participants
  • Easily invite non-patient participants such as translators or supervisors
  • Share PDF files directly to the patient’s screen for enhanced therapy or lesson reinforcement
  • Assistants can manage scheduling tasks for practitioners
  • Initiate therapy sessions seamlessly within SpEdCare
  • Document therapy notes in real-time during sessions
  • Store proof-of-service and billing records securely within SpEdCare

Session Privacy:

  • Cameras are initially set to off upon entering the session room, ensuring privacy
  • Practitioners have the option to request patients to turn on their video when necessary
  • Patient privacy is upheld, as they cannot view other patients’ videos or send chat messages
  • Practitioners/host have full control to mute video or audio and can ban unruly participants

Therapy Note Features:

  • Automatic filling of start time and session length for each patient
  • Accurate tracking of patient attendance by marking them present upon joining the session
  • Flexibility for practitioners to adjust plan statuses for individual patients
  • Easy access to the practitioner’s SpEdCare note library for real-time documentation

Choose Practi-Cal for a comprehensive telehealth platform that prioritizes privacy, security, and efficient documentation for delivering exceptional services in compliance with HIPAA regulations.