Ordering, Referring and Prescribing (ORP) Policy

School-Based Medicaid Consultants

Ordering, Referring and Prescribing (ORP) Policy

June 22, 2018 LEA Billing 0

With the new ORP policy going into effect July 1st, it may be the right time to ask if your current billing solution will have you compliant when the policy is implemented.

We are proud to say, CSBA’s Practi-Cal has the tools ready today for our clients to comply with the new policy.

We are familiar with the marketplace and know there are consultants that will not have their electronic systems ready and their clients will need to either have their billing held or go back to using modified and difficult paper forms. Additionally, DHCS is focused on medically related services regardless of the student’s plan…So is Practi-Cal. Other solutions focus on only a portion of the eligible services and for students who have an IEP or IFSP. While they offer alternative (paper) solutions for what they cannot currently provide electronically. Practi-Cal offers a complete electronic solution that removes the duplication of efforts by district leadership and practitioners.

Practi-Cal has been leading the way in LEA billing and is why LEA’s up and down the state are making the switch. It is so much more than just the new ORP policy though. We have the easiest and most compliant software on the market. From the only complete transportation billing system to our care plan writer and our DHCS reviewed and approved electronic 1:1 procedure log.

We would appreciate the opportunity to do a live demonstration either in person or via webinar and show you first-hand how our claiming system will improve the success and compliance of your LEA Billing Option program.

Finally, we are not finished in our efforts to develop useful and needed solutions. We have features in development that are not only ground-breaking, but not provided by any other consulting firm.